Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weird Sense of Humour. Me?

Doesn't anyone find this(click me!!) funny?
I think it's darn funny lor.
Someone said it was more painful than funny.
Another one said it was lame.
Got people say its dumb.
But funny dumb? No.

If you find it funny/annoying/stupid/painful etc. tell me yea?
I wanna know what you think :]

And something major has occurred to me.

I have found my soulmate.
I didn't even go looking about for my soulmate.
But the moment I saw her, yes it's a her.
Why? Cannot meh?
Males are overrated.
Anyway, she literally took my breath away.
She was gorgeous.
So.....you wanna know who it is right?
Should I tell? Later you guys sure jealous wan.
Okla, I trust her enough not to cheat on me.









Pretty right!

This is her in her white dress

Her rockstar look
(before her break up yet that's why she's with someone else)

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