Tuesday, February 17, 2009

and so it continues...

I've never cared much for politics.
Never really bothered to find out what's going on in Malaysia's political scene.
But seeing politicians scrabbling for power and money in my own backyard is really something that woke me up.
An eye-opener, if you will, to how corrupt and greedy our country's leaders are.
Not all of course, just 90% of them.
Well, the future of Malaysia looks quite bright and rosy I'm sure with all these pemimpin-pemimpin yang berintegriti who supposedly shuns double-standards when dealing with another politician whose incriminating pictures were spread around (I wonder how those pictures were obtained and oh! what good timing) while ignoring the fact that politicians of his own party are involved in more immoral things.

Anyway, I just read this.
And I think you should read it too.
Let's see if justice prevails.
I think not, but I might just be pessimistic.

*this is a very rare post about Malaysian politics which I don't think will be repeated soon because I get riled up thinking about it and since I look rather scary when I'm angry I think I'll post about other stuff next time, like pretty pink dresses and Hello Kitty*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brick Wall



Driver of a small red car.
Has a P license.
Either male or sounds male.