Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exam Season

The time of the year which we students detest with a burning passion.
Seriously, I wish someone would invent some kind of machine that scanned your brain to suck out the information and then give you your grade. No need to spend so much time sitting for the exam. Can save the trees also!

See...something like this is what I imagined. So nice right? Of course this is not the machine la. It's some special nap pod for Google employees (yeah, they get to nap at work...makes me wanna work for Google also:p)

Form 6 ppl having their exams now. SAM ppl having their exams after Deepavali break. Matric ppl having exams right after Deepavali. A-Levels ppl having exam end of October(?)PMR students....having exams? Finish already? Bleh.

I need to motivate myself to study.
I keep getting distracted and lose focus everytime I try to study. Gahhhhh.
How to be in the mood to study?
okok. I must stop playing with my phone and stop online-ing.
But everytime I say I wanna stop online-ing I go online right after =.=
How leh?
Okay, I love studying.
Studying is fun!
Studying is exciting!
It's not boring at all.
Text books are head-banging wonderful!
Like, they make me high!
Crap. I just realized I got 2 test papers to do by tomorrow.
hello late nights. hello sneezing-in-the-morning-due-to-lack-of-sleep. hello bleary eyes.

i wore purple. he wore purple .
i wore pink. he wore pink.
-slaps self-

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