Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halfway Through Exams

I just finished my Maths paper.
I don't want to look at another maths formula for a very long time if I can help it.
Monday I had ESL. Tuesday was Physics.
Had a break for one day before Maths today.

Its so weird to sit for the test with people you don't know.
Everyone was separated cos the seating is according to your registration no..
And the exam venues are all different places depending on what paper you're sitting for, your registration no. and what day.
I've gotten used to taking tests with people I know. I mean, even during PMR and UPSR you can just turn around and see some of your friends sitting a few rows back. I dunno...I find it oddly reassuring. Like, during my school examinations I always glanced at my friends and we'd share a 'omg-this-is-so-stress' look.

Remember is out!

And Twilight too!


Kim Hyun Joong is best friends with JaeJoong and TOP.

You know what this means?
It means. That my two favourite guys hang out together!!!!
So adorable la both of them XD

Sorry, fangirl moment.

By next week my finals will be over.
Got a class gathering on next Friday. Supposedly gonna go ice-skating and k-box-ing.
They're crazy if they think I'm gonna ice skate.
The last time I ice-skated I fell down an unmentionable number of times.
But I'm gonna mention it anyway.
My tailbone was practically fractured!
Luckily when I sat down I didn't scream and jump up.
So. I shall from the sidelines. Eat popcorn. Enjoy the show.

Smile. Wave.
And grin when they fall.

I sound so evil.

Right after Chem paper I'm staying over at Amelia's house!
Hopefully. If it's all good with the parents.
Then before prom I'll be bunking with Mae Yee!
I'm gonna have so much fun!

what am i doing?
i'm supposed to be studying!!!!!
and here i am daydreaming/blogging about nonsense stuff!

Ok! Gotta go now!

Wait wait. Before I leave I must fangirl again!



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