Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm fallin', fallin', fallin' deeper and deeper

I should have been born a Korean.
See, I have a very valid reason for this particular statement of mine, or rather reasons.
Firstly, I like Korean guys. What I mean by this is that I find Korean celebs attractive (eg. JaeJoong, HanBang, T.O.P, HyunBin, Se7en). So if I were born Korean, it would make it so much simpler should I decide to marry them, no? There wouldn't be an awful language barrier which would complicate things when I am dating them. Imagine if I were to tell them something. I would have to resort to using hand gestures! That is so uncouth! I would look like some idiot and our relationship would be doomed before it even began!

Secondly, Korean's fashion industry is so awesome IMO. Korea has all the fashionable fashiony stuff! Like, I once had this phase where I would religiously go to this Korean site which had the latest clothes and just.....LOOK at their clothes (I know, I am extremely lame and have no life).
But luckily, I am over that.
I only go there once in a while. Hardly ever actually. Only when I'm incredibly, undescribably bored out of my skull(which is quite often as i have no life).

Thirdly, I have an affinity for Korean songs. No specific genre just that I like the way it sounds. To prove my point, out of the 1000+ songs in my folders, I can safely say that 70% are Korean songs, 5% are Chinese songs, 15% are English songs and the rest are rubbish songs that I download for fun O.O
So if I am a Korean and live in Korea I can listen to this Korean songs 24/7 and actually understand them! WAHAHA. I feel high just thinking about it (i'm so weird rite)

Fourthly, kimchi. It's delicious and errrr spicy. Really, really, really spicy.
OK, I'm bluffing. I cannot stand Korean food. I get teary when I eat them. Seriously. My Korean housemate once cooked for me (she's cute like that) and I almost died. It was so so so so spicy. Normally when I eat spicy stuff I just get teary. But that time tears actually came out! Waste my tears only!
I guess I cannot become Korean lor then. Since Korean food make me cry and I cannot tahan if I cry every time I eat. So mafan. And unattractive. Unlike certain lucky girls, I look horrible when I cry. Like.....scary horrible. Yeah. Unfair right? Why some girls cry so much yet can look innocent and vulnerable while I just look all blotchy and red! Hrumphhh. I must go practice in front of the mirror.

Haha. That reminds me of a relative of mine. See, she wanted to try smoking(one time thing only lar) so she went and practice in front of the mirror the various 'smoking poses' to get the cool, yeng look supposedly! She even managed to blow those smoke rings!(or whatever they're called) Took photos to show somemore! Freaking hilarious!

Now I shall make my blog post educational.
Did you know that 'cwm' is a word? If you know already then too bad la, your level of intelligence cannot increase.
Anyway, it means "a steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain; may contain a lake" OR "a natural depression in the surface of the land often with a lake at the bottom of it"
So now you can stump your friends when you play hangman. Confirm cannot guess wan! Unless your friend is excessively smart or is wuliao enough to actually google "uncommon words". Not me ok! I just happened to stumble upon that word!

see what i mean!

P.S. What I heard today: " were made in China?"
What she heard: "....somethingsomething your vagina?"
HAHAHA! Some random guy said it. lol. This just proves that I am not dirty-minded. Yupyup


Joshua said...

Hahaha. You're hilarious. :D

ingente. I've been getting a lot of interesting verification words, recently.

★rcal★ said...

well, i do try...:]

Joshua said...

Ah, then you can rest assured, knowing that your effort has not been in vain. :P

shrus. Man, another interesting one.

★rcal★ said...

hahaha....u and ur word verifications