Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Are V.I.P

Yesterday was the best fun I had since a long time.
I seriously missed our nonsensical conversations.

"Why are you sitting like that? Protecting your crotch?"
"What? I got nothing to protect okay!"

"Hey Rachel, you missed the bathroom." Gesturing towards the door I walked past.
"Huh? Really?" I turn around and end up staring at the mens' bathroom.

I haven't had this kind of ridiculousness in ages. Lol.
Reached JJ at 11. Waited at MPH.
Read Mandarin For Dummies and Learn Korean something or other.
They have a section specially for romance. But I shall not elaborate, a-hem.

And Michi went Euphoria!!
Next time we all must go together!

The Takeshi lookalike did not look like Takeshi okay.
And plaid/checked shirts are not lala. They're cool.

Saw YunXin, Stephanie, Teh Lai Teng, other MGS-ians and non-MGS-ian.
HAHA. It was awkward yet funny.

It was nice. Everyone changed but we stayed the same.
I miss school.


Sunday, September 28, 2008


YoungWoong Jaejoong casted in a Drama

TVXQ member, YoungWoong Jaejoong was casted in the drama "Postman of Heaven" which is being made into a drama and movie at the same time.

"Postman of Heaven" which YWJJ is appearing in is going to be produced by 'I'm Sorry I Love You' Lee Hyungmin PD and Writer Kitagawa Eriko who wrote "One Million Stars Falling from the Sky" staring Takuya Kimura.
The drama is about a messenger who connects the Afterlife with the present world.
The producers said "This production will be shown in Korea as well as in Japan in theaters, TV and DVD so we are casting Hallyu Stars as the main leads" and explained YWJJ's casting.

I wanna watch the drama!!!!

And I'm gonna go to the driving test centre on Monday.
Hopefully can register and get it over with.
No, I'm not getting my license. I only wish it were so....

Can't wait for tomorrow!
Everyone's gonna be there. Even Hasy and Teran! Who I have not seen for 923038028 years.
My internet is so slowwwww.....
I'm addicted to manga.
Grrr...all Mae Yee's fault...
I slept at an ungodly hour yesterday just so I could finish the 11th chapter....
And I woke up at one something...my breakfast became my lunch. Wait, actually it's the other way around...

I suddenly feel depressed. Sigh. Someone slap me please.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


So he says.
Yeah, right. Just wait till he gets slapped with a 300 bucks saman. Hrumph....
Honestly, I don't get what is it with males and fast things.
Probably the thrill? But is it that exciting to overtake cars and go over the speed limit?
Do they get some kind of rush when they get to overtake other cars?
Like do they think, 'HAHAHA! My car faster than yours. I am so geng, I like F1 driver! My driving skills top-notch man!'
Yup. You're rich like F1 driver also rite?

Anyway, I saw a snatch thief in action yesterday.
The security guard chased him across the busy road. I was quite impressed by the guard cos the road was full of fast cars zooming past. But I think he got away cos he ran like hell. Sigh.

And I wanna learn how to drive!!
Grrr. Then I can go anywhere I want, anytime I want. Why does driving take so loooong?
A friend of mine said takes like....4 months for the whole thing.
That's like forever. I can't wait that long!

WAHHHH. My exams finished! For now anyway...
Butbutbut. Gah. I don't think I did well this time. Too many pages, too little time.
And my dad's gonna give me some look when I tell him.
He already asked my how I *think* I did in the exams. I cleverly changed the subject though, to avoid the possible nagging. Save it for later la.
If I tell him, my whole holiday will be, 'Rachel, what are you doing on the computer? Go and do some studying, blablabla...'

Oh. I'm supposed to get my IELTS results today. Scary.
I'll get it after hols.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't forget to remember

You’re my dreamer

You glitter like the stars

Blind me with that quirky smile

Your heat surrounds me

I inhale and shiver

Tell me your secrets

Like ruby-filled treasure troves

And overflowing diamonds

Baby, adoring eyes you make me gasp

I forget how to 1 2 3


As you cucoon me

Metamorphosis ‘cause you transform me

Undeniably you stole my core

That unsteady beating centre

Betraying me

Vulnerable and helpless

You’re my star

I’ve lost myself

But you’ve found me

Now in your clasp

Secured and weightless