Tuesday, June 23, 2009

enjoying the moment

Gosh I haven't been here in ages and I've got so much stuff that happened that I don't know where to start.
*deep breath*

Well, it was mostly...exams, studying, going out till late, sleeping late & waking up early, staying in uni till 11pm, lame jokes, the occasional cute guy, scary movies, bak kut teh's and a teeny scare which turned out to be me overreacting =) (try saying that in one breath hee)

My first semester is finished and I'm really looking forward to the next one. It'll be so much more fun I think, since everyone knows everyone now. And contrary to common perception, medic students know how to have fun OK!
We play frisbee in the hallways and sing Queen songs off-tune and dance to tectonic and shave our heads bald for the heck of it so yeah!

And no, I did not shave my head=]

So I'm in the middle of my glorious hols now.
Its been......uneventful.
Which is quite unsatisfying cos I seem to be wasting my time a LOT.

Someone thought I was from Indonesia lol. In what way do I look Indonesian? Or Indonesian Chinese? Do I have an accent? Is it the way I dress? Do Indonesians even have a distinct way of dressing??

Aaaaanywayyyyy, going for a much needed and delayed family holiday somewhere cold =] YES! An escape from this awful sweat-inducing heat. Then going off for Monash CF Camp!
Blame these weird onomatopoieas on the choc cake I wolfed down just now.
At 2 something in the morning. Sugar rush.

Being in the Games committee is funfunfun.
Imagine...you get to decide on what games to play and most importantly......


Crazy fun. I get smiley just thinking about it =D
Can sabo ppl also hahahaahha

okok I should not get overexcited. Think calm thoughts.
Caaaaallllllllmmmmmm thoughts.
Okay. One thing that medic school teaches is how to relax and manage stress cos' you know, doctors and students are quite prone to having some screws loose in our heads.
It's called Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Close your eyes. If there are any thoughts in your mind just let them pass through, don't pursue them.
Listen to the sounds in the room. Now listen to the sounds outside(even if its pin drop silence, this is where your imagination plays a BIG role, feel free to imagine anything no matter how ridiculous). Strech your senses...listen to the sounds on the road(tip: imagine!).
Tense the muscles of your neck. Keep it tensed for 10 secs. 1.....2......3.....to 10
Slowly release the tension. Feel the tension leaving.
Then we are instructed to progressively squeeze the muscles in out body that are squeezable and feel the tension slowly leaving.

AFter the PMR apparently we're supposed to be in the optimal state to sleep. So fellow insomniacs, try this at home! It's completely safe and has no lethal side-effects!

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