Monday, October 6, 2008

Hope for the best. Expect the worst

Got back alllll my results today.
Oklar. I was prepared for the worst so when I saw my results it wasn't so bad (sigh of relief)

And I saw TSG&TFG. Heehee.
I'm so happyyyyy.
I got Band 8 for IELTS. Thank goodness otherwise there goes RM 600+ down the drain...

Now I have to get the application forms and stuff for uni which is scary cos everything is going by so fast!
I can't believe my Finals are next month.
I can't believe I've been in KL for almost a year.
I can't believe that in a matter of weeks I will be leaving Taylor's.
I can't believe I'll be going to uni next year.

I can still remember my first day.
The girl I was sitting with who I found scarily moody and emo turned out to be one of my closest college mate.
The girl that introduced herself in a funny robotic way became my college buddy.
The shockingly fair girl who at first only spoke in Mandarin is now my friend.

Sigh. I half wish SAM was longer.
Eh, scratch that. I cannot stand anymore assignments and presentations.
I will D-I-E.

OH. Michi went paintball-ing!!!!!
I wanna go toooooooo!
I don't care about the ugly purplish bruises(that Michi got btw) so anyone wanna go?
But there must be like, 20 ppl involved. Not cheap also le. 100 bucks/person. You get around 200(or was it 400?) paint balls per person.
The place is somewhere in Shah Alam, 10 minutes drive from Klang she said.
And contrary to what I assumed, they shoot the paintballs in a forest-like setting.
I always thought it would be in some kind of open space with boulders to hide behind but the forest setting is so much more cooler yea?


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