Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Night Only. & Paul Dateh.

Oh dear me, what on earth am I going to do with this pile of unfinished work?

That is the question currently plaguing my mind right now.
Among other more desirable when will I be eating that durian or if I can fit in another awesome episode of Big Bang Theory which I have discovered only recently.

Anyway, back to the question.
Notice how I phrased it.
Not how am I going to finish it, but what am I going to do about it.
Which essentially means that I am still in the stage where I'm considering if it's possible to avoid it altogether.
I wonder if it would be okay to just leave the work unfinished.

Argh I wish I could just mute that annoying nasal voice in my head that keeps reminding me about how much work I haven't done.
Hasn't it discovered the power of positive reinforcement?
It is much more effective to focus on how much ice cream I managed to eat instead of how much is leftover
Wow, I can't believe I gave such an great analogy that captured the very essence of what I was trying to get across.
I do believe that its worthy of some kind of award.
Like the Nobel Prize for Analogy.
And if you're saying it doesn't exist, I say it should.
I mean, what has the world come to?!
No nobel prize for analogy? That's like saying houseflies exist!
Everyone knows houses can't fly, the most they can do is crawl.

Before I retire for the day, I would just like to say that Sheldon is awesome. I wish I can win every argument like him =)