Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shoes. A girl's best friend. My wallet's worst enemy.

That is my promise to myself and I fully intend to hold on to it.
I will not even step foot into a shoe shop.
It's too dangerous for me to enter.
I'd rather not risk it.
My wallet might not come out alive.

Anyway, I watched Chocolat.
It's such a nice movie.
You can't help but crave something chocolatey after watching it.
Plus Johnny Depp is in it.
Actually, him acting in the movie is reason enough to watch it.
He's awesome la.

It's so strange, I got so talkative today after our sing-k session.
Weird. I think my ears liked the sound of my hoarse voice a little too much.

AND I've been exercising.
Not enough to lose the weight I gained during my exam period bingeing but I'm getting there.
I'm so proud of myself =D

"Normal humans don't interest me. If anyone here is an alien, a time traveler, slider,
or an esper, then come find me! That is all."

- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -