Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm not sure why but I am suddenly overcome with this obsession with Big Bang.
I think it's only an ephemeral thing though. Like crushes. Which makes me act quixotically.
I want a verdigris prom dress. That would so rock.

And I think it's so funny the way fashion changes.
Consider glasses for example.
A few years ago, many people were sporting frameless specs and avoiding thick rimmed glasses.
Like, anyone who was unfortunate enough to own a pair of glasses with thick frames were automatically categorized as a nerd/geek/uncool.
Fast-forward to now or last year, everyone wears framed glasses. Even people who don't need glasses wear these glasses =.=

TFG wears emo glasses. Those black rimmed ones!

This topic came up cos one of my classmates decided to wear his new specs today. It was as Mae Yee said, "Ah Pek style" glasses. It was frameless.
It was quite funny. Even my chem teacher commented that his specs were outdated!

"Eh, why you wear this kind of glasses? This kind arh 20, 30 years ago the style."



Then, everyone LOL-ed

But it wasn't mean or anything laaa.

Anyway, emo glasses are cool.cos he wears it

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