Friday, October 3, 2008


Yeah. I went to KL again. Visiting.
Spent 2 days there. Pigging out.
I watched a total of 7 movies there.
Happy Feet. Atonement. Get Smart. Penelope. The Ultimate Gift. Speed Racer.
And one more but I forget. James McAvoy was in like, 3 of the movies coincidentally. And Irene, yeah, his eyes really blue.
He was in Becoming Jane also. Good movie. Sad though.
Speed Racer was lame.
Atonement was sadddddd.
The Ultimate Gift had Drew Fuller in it! He looks like Chad Michael Murray there IMO.

And Mercedes, my cousin(yes, her name is Mercedes. y'know, like, er Volvo) is so cute!
Anyway, it's so weird at my aunt's house.
They don't have gates. Or fences. Or wires. Or anything that surrounds the house!
It's But, I guess it's safe since it's a gated community?

I saw a super ultra cute little Eurasian girl!
Both my cousin and her pakat against this little boy and it was so so funny!
They were at the playground and the little boy was trying to be sweet so he kept plucking flowers to give the girls.
And they just kept refusing! Very funny le.
Then he decided to push her pram with her doll inside. My cousin heroically took back the pram and gave it back to the little Eurasian girl.
This happened like....10 times.
I felt so sorry for the little boy. So obvious that he like the girl.

That day I attempted to make yogurt. And failed.
It turned out all watery and gross.
And the horrible part is....I have to eat ALL of it.
I made a LOT. T_T

PS. My ears hurt. The headphones are flattening my ears. Poor ears.

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