Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I always regret my haircuts immediately after I get them.
Especially haircuts that my mom coerced me into getting. Haircuts that I otherwise would never even consider in a million years.
If you asked me if I would get a perm a year ago, heck, even a few months ago, I would have called you crazy. Insane. Bonkers. Mad. Lost your marbles.
It was...unthinkable.
I always imagined perms to be for those aunties/popos.
So I totally freaked out when my mom suggested a perm[she's always been trying to get me to perm my hair].

My mind went straight to this. Ronald McDonald's red afro.

Then this. Which was what my mom had in the 80s.

After thinking a while I imagined this since my hair wasn't that long.

Anyway, my mom managed to convince me that it'd turn out quite nice so I said OK.
I went to the hair stylist and my mom told him what I wanted.
I don't know what they were discussing lah cos it was all in Canto and they were talking bullet-train fast so I only understood like 1% of what they were saying =.=

So then I was fantasizing about how nice my hair would be and stuff.
While I day dreamed about my hair, I happily allowed the hair stylist to do his thing trusting that all the discomfort of the process would be worth it.

They pulled and tugged my hair mercilessly and rolled it up in ceramic rollers.
Then they wrapped this heavy insulating material around my head. To prevent my head from overheating I guess.
At this point it was still tolerable even with my head on the verge of rolling off my shoulders and dropping on the floor due to the sheer weight of the...the things they stuck on my hair.

It all went downhill after that.
They turned on the torture device which heated up the ceramic rollers and left me there to die.
Really! One girl just went to one corner and slept. And the other just...just read magazines!!

Anyway, I seriously thought I was gonna die.
I thought my hair was gonna be burnt and I'd go bald cos the things on my head were like...darn hot lah.
Well, if you ever wanna know how being burned alive is like, you can get a small taste of it when u perm your hair.
Or you could just light a match and set your hair on fire.
Yeah. That's way easier. Cheaper too! And not to mention faster. Just keep a fire extinguisher at hand so you don't accidently burn off your eyebrows too.

I bet you're wondering how I look like.
I feel like kicking myself.
Prepare yourself.
I hope you're not drinking water or anything.
Wouldn't want you to spit on your screen.

Are you ready?

Not drinking anything rite?

Okay so that's not me thank God.
Mine's not that bad lah when you compare it to that.

Something like this lah.

Eh sure cannot recognize me wan.
Well, one good thing is I can go commit some crime and even the police will not recognize me from my IC.


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