Monday, December 1, 2008

156 is a VERY big number ok

Had two needles jabbed into me last Saturday.
One for the blood test and one to prevent cervical cancer.
The cervical cancer jab pain larh. The doctor injected into the muscle or something so yeah, I was like owwwww...

Then yesterday I went for the 5 hour lecture at the driving centre.
It was excruciatingly boring.
I had two lecturers. The first guy was quite funny so I managed to keep my eyes open.
The second lecturer on the other hand, could make an severe insomniac patient fall into a dead sleep.
He was SO long-winded. And he gave an elaborate, totally unnecessary explanation on each and every point!
I tell you, my eyelids kept closing every 30 seconds.
I had to resort to self-inflicted injury to keep myself awake.

I poked myself with my pencil.
Didn't help much though.
And I could see the guy in the next table nodding off to lala land.

I couldn't even talk with the other people cos they were all speaking in Mandarin =.=

I just got my test results.
It seems I have zero antibodies against Hepatitis B.
How sad.

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