Monday, January 5, 2009

Tell Me

Today is the start of the school year.
And what am I doing?
Rotting at home, staring listlessly at my laptop screen.
So sad. I will be doing this for two months until my semester starts in March.

My mom noticed how incredibly free I am at home and assigned me to do chores.
So today's assignment is to call the tuition centre and enroll my brother for tuition classes.
Okla, this is easy and I don't mind doing it.
The other thing she asked me to do on the other hand is like.....sigh.
I have to unpick the sewing on a certain someone's boxers cos she wanted to redo the elastic.
The boxers are made in China so I thought 'Ok, not that bad lah, the sewing sure very easy to take out one.'
Then when I tried to unpick it I realised actually the sewing very close together larrrr
Cis! So I took like one whole hour to unpick everything.
I felt quite relieved THEN I remembered that still got another TWO boxers. I still got one more to do..

Carrot cakes are in fact quite unhealthy contrary to what I thought.
I've always believed carrot cakes are healthy since it has carrots and everyone knows that carrots are healthy.
BUT do you know just how much oil and butter it takes to make a carrot cake?
I made a carrot cake that day and the recipe said to put like one whole cup of oil inside even after I've added butter.
One whole cup of oil can fry many many dishes of food okay.
And to think, all this time I've been fooled into thinking that carrot cakes are super healthy *shakes head*
Those sneaky orange-coloured sticks with green tufts of hair deceived me!

Okay, my mom just ordered
asked me to clean my room and by her definition of 'clean your room' she means that she wants me to dig out all my unwanted stuff and arrange them neatly into shelvesas well as wipe the cubboards and move my stuff from one shelf to another shelf cos it'll look better =.=

Good news though, my hair isn't as poofy now although it still looks a bit ridiculous when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror.

Oh well.
Till I blog again.

UPDATE: This is really a useless update but I'm just putting this here cos I have nothing else to do and I just read Jill's blog and found out that she listens to BIG BANG while on the treadmill too!! I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!! Haha, oklah I'm sure Joan does that too. In fact, I think if she could she'd listen to BIG BANG every single second of the day XD. And then hor, I find that BIG BANG songs are very good workout songs actually. You actually feel that you want to jog. I should do that today. Jog, I mean. Since I'm so free y'know. I'm talking to my blog. Uh...Okay, I think I need my meds

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JoanC said...

lol. i just saw this now and yea, big bang songs are really good workout songs. makes you feel all hyped up and you just can't stop moving. xDD