Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I want to complain!
This post will only be about how much I disliked Twilight so feel free to stop reading now OK?

Are you still reading?
What about now?
Still reading?

Ok well.
Watched Twilight in TGV today.
I didn't have very high expectations since I heard from other people that it was kinda sucky but I still felt that it wouldn't be that bad since the book was one of my favourites.

I mean, they can't mess up that bad can they?

First off, I didn't like Robert whatshisname from the moment I saw him.
He looks like a druggie or something IMO.
And he totally does NOT suit the character he's playing, Edward.
He's hairy lah.
Vampires not supposed to be hairy ok.
They're supposed to be like, hair-less!!
Seriously loh, from far also can see his arm/chest hair [think gorilla. ok fine i'm exaggerating]
Something is about his face.
Sorry, I'm not gonna defile my blog by putting his picture here so just google it if you're extremely bored.

Both the main characters, Edward and Bella are supposed to be in love.
In this movie rite, got no chemistry at all ler.
Their acting not that good.
And I dunno why alot of the scenes they keep putting the camera super close-up to the actors.
You can like count the number of moles on their faces.
No, I did not count.

Plus Edward the vampire is supposed to have...glittering skin when exposed to sunlight.
You know what they did.
When he went into the sunlight, his skin glittered alright.
Glittered like diamonds.
It was as if his skin was made up of a layer of diamonds or something.
Very weird. Like got skin disease.
I couldn't help it lah. I was laughing.
Then hor, at the ''romantic'' and ''intense'' scenes......IT WAS SO FUNNY! Cos the way they act was really really....strange.
I cannot tahan so I was laughing.
It was not supposed to be funny lah.

Then ah, the whole movie very.....spastic.
Its like they're just reciting lines.
If you watch the movie without some background knowledge of it I think you'll be lost.
The movie was.....stunted? Got no flow like Amelia said.

Some more they go and censor it!
The kissing scene is just plain ridiculous.
Both of their faces must inch closer to each other slow mo =.=
So I'm like waiting for them to kiss and it takes them AGES. You can probably fall asleep waiting for the kiss.
And JUST when they're gonna kiss........

Actually, I have a lot more complaints but I got no mood adi.


On another note, I'm having my delayed IMU interview tomorrow.
I hope they're not strict. Or else sure die.
Heard they ask weird questions like......gimme 10 uses of a straw.
Or something like that.
Well, I'm gonna go and think of 10 uses of a straw now =]

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