Friday, December 12, 2008


Why are guys so dirty? Why why why???
Ok fine maybe I'm generalizing all guys into one group when they are actually not.
Guys come in many different categories.
For example, messy, messy+dirty, messy+dirty+smelly, messy+dirty+smelly+some dead thing under all that rubbish.
Even if they are lazy they should at least clean up after themselves rite???
NOT expect other people who do not live there to clean up for them.
Fine lah, he[a relative of mine] didn't exactly specify to sweep the floor and clean the bathtub and wipe off the 1 inch of dust and stuff like that.
But then how was I supposed to tahan the sheer dirtiness of the apartment?
At first I thought I could ignore the pitiful state of the place.
But then after awhile I realised that......the soles of my feet were black.
Black! And I was only around the place for like....10 minutes!
You don't wanna know what the bathroom was like.
It was horrific.
There was mould. Fungus. Mushrooms.
Well, probably not mushrooms but I'd bet in a few more months there would be.

Anyway, it was late so I went to sleep.
Next morning I seriously couldn't tahan anymore so I became a maid for the day.
I saw a Daddy Long Legs wobbling out from under the bed.
I let it live. Have preserve the biodiversity of the Earth you see.
Thank goodness got no worms or anything.
I'd die.
The bathtub was gross. I spent like 20 minutes scrubbing it.
Ah. Enough about that. I might have nightmares later and wake up screaming about worms and mushrooms growing out of my ears.

Eeeee. They won all three awards!!!!
So awesome.

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