Sunday, December 28, 2008

....and I'm back. Yay me!

ah...I sound so lame.

Anyway, I've been busy. Super extremely busy this past week.
But I'm free now so I can blog about how busy I was during my busy week.
In other words, since I'm not busy now, I can blog about my week being busy.

Last Wednesday. Went to KL. AGAIN.
In case you didn't know, I have been going back and forth to KL at least three times during the past 4 weeks.
Took results on Thursday. It seems like it was so long ago lah. Its actually only been 2 weeks.
Monash interview the next day. I was forced to buy clothes for the interview since I didn't bring any proper ones =.= waste money only...
Wedding dinner on Saturday.
The bride, my cousin was so pretty!

Came back then went to KL again on Wednesday.
Monash. Aunt. Ipoh.
My cousins all followed.
It was a scary experience.
Imagine. 5 little kids running around in my house.
Noisy. Fighting. Screaming. Playhouse Disney. Ben 10.
And in the middle of all the craziness I had to bathe my dog and scrape out algae from the pond.
And play jigsaw puzzles with my cousin when I actually really dislike jigsaw puzzles cos I'm terrible at it.
Still, it was fun. In a stressful way.

And then today went to the wedding dinner for the bridegrooms side.
I think I travelled 300+ km today alone.
So butt fell asleep after sitting in the car squashed between my bro and my aunt.

oops. Almost forgot about Christmas.
Celebrated it with my extended family. Aunts and Uncles and Grandad in KL.
Was fun =]
We sang carols and stuff.
Since it was also my aunt's bday we had this HUMONGOUS cheesecake.
It was sort of a cheesecake/carrot cake with lotsa nuts and chocolate chips and raisins and other delish stuff.
The cake was kinda like everything nice mixed together.
It may sound gross here but it was seriously the BEST cake I've ever had.
Better than any old Secret Recipe cake.
I'm making myself hungry now...
Ok, I have to go now in case my dad decides to come downstairs and sees me still here.

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