Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Are V.I.P

Yesterday was the best fun I had since a long time.
I seriously missed our nonsensical conversations.

"Why are you sitting like that? Protecting your crotch?"
"What? I got nothing to protect okay!"

"Hey Rachel, you missed the bathroom." Gesturing towards the door I walked past.
"Huh? Really?" I turn around and end up staring at the mens' bathroom.

I haven't had this kind of ridiculousness in ages. Lol.
Reached JJ at 11. Waited at MPH.
Read Mandarin For Dummies and Learn Korean something or other.
They have a section specially for romance. But I shall not elaborate, a-hem.

And Michi went Euphoria!!
Next time we all must go together!

The Takeshi lookalike did not look like Takeshi okay.
And plaid/checked shirts are not lala. They're cool.

Saw YunXin, Stephanie, Teh Lai Teng, other MGS-ians and non-MGS-ian.
HAHA. It was awkward yet funny.

It was nice. Everyone changed but we stayed the same.
I miss school.


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