Saturday, September 27, 2008


So he says.
Yeah, right. Just wait till he gets slapped with a 300 bucks saman. Hrumph....
Honestly, I don't get what is it with males and fast things.
Probably the thrill? But is it that exciting to overtake cars and go over the speed limit?
Do they get some kind of rush when they get to overtake other cars?
Like do they think, 'HAHAHA! My car faster than yours. I am so geng, I like F1 driver! My driving skills top-notch man!'
Yup. You're rich like F1 driver also rite?

Anyway, I saw a snatch thief in action yesterday.
The security guard chased him across the busy road. I was quite impressed by the guard cos the road was full of fast cars zooming past. But I think he got away cos he ran like hell. Sigh.

And I wanna learn how to drive!!
Grrr. Then I can go anywhere I want, anytime I want. Why does driving take so loooong?
A friend of mine said takes like....4 months for the whole thing.
That's like forever. I can't wait that long!

WAHHHH. My exams finished! For now anyway...
Butbutbut. Gah. I don't think I did well this time. Too many pages, too little time.
And my dad's gonna give me some look when I tell him.
He already asked my how I *think* I did in the exams. I cleverly changed the subject though, to avoid the possible nagging. Save it for later la.
If I tell him, my whole holiday will be, 'Rachel, what are you doing on the computer? Go and do some studying, blablabla...'

Oh. I'm supposed to get my IELTS results today. Scary.
I'll get it after hols.

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