Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't forget to remember

You’re my dreamer

You glitter like the stars

Blind me with that quirky smile

Your heat surrounds me

I inhale and shiver

Tell me your secrets

Like ruby-filled treasure troves

And overflowing diamonds

Baby, adoring eyes you make me gasp

I forget how to 1 2 3


As you cucoon me

Metamorphosis ‘cause you transform me

Undeniably you stole my core

That unsteady beating centre

Betraying me

Vulnerable and helpless

You’re my star

I’ve lost myself

But you’ve found me

Now in your clasp

Secured and weightless


JoanC said...

lol. who are you writing about?

♥rcal♥ said...

i have no idea actually. i wrote it ages ago...