Thursday, January 15, 2009


...before you buy stuff for me that are exorbitantly priced!
He called yesterday and told me in this very excited, happy voice that he bought me a bag.
For college.
And he was going on and on about how much I would love it and how beautiful it was and how many ways I could carry it.

"You can carry it on your shoulder, sling it or y'know carry it like a knapsack. Like you know got the two straps in front one."
"Eh, very nice lah the bag. You'll absolutely love it."
"Uh...okay. So, how much is it?"
"Ohhhh, it was 30% discount. And it was the last one somemore. So I cannot tahan lah buy it for you."
"Don't worry lah, you sure like it one."

Now I feel very apprehensive about the bag. And even if the bag is really ugly I still have to use it.
To top it off, I'm quite sure that the bag is the type of bag that lasts very very very long and will take ages for it to spoil/tear.
I'm aware that I'm being pessimistic about the bag but....I can't help it. dad bought my mom a bag before and it was really.....auntie-ish.
Not ugly lah but my mom couldn't stand it until she had to give it away.
HAHAHA so funny when my dad found out

Ah well, I don't think can return the bag so I'll just have to live with it.
Hopefully it's not as bad as I think it is.

Now I shall log in to fb and be happy if u know what i mean XD

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