Saturday, June 23, 2012


On a random whim, I decided to log into blogspot after a long hiatus.
And amazingly, it's been exactly one year since my last post.
Even though I not someone who believes in fate and destiny and all...this is just too weird!

I just realised how much I've missed blogging. 
I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

I hope you guys haven't missed me too much!


....who am I kidding? 
No one reads my blog!!
*sobs pathetically*

Anyway, I don't care.
You guys just wait till I'm rich and famous and then we'll see who's laughing.

On a more serious note, I am now in my psych posting.
It's really interesting seeing patients and getting to know them.
But it's scary as well because it makes me think that anyone could end up as a psychiatric patient.
Alienists. That's what psychiatrists were known as in the olden days.
Meaning that psych patients were considered aliens. Which I think was very unfair because labelling these people as aliens makes them seem like outcasts of society.

After all, we're all crazy in some way or another.
We just know how to hide it well.

Yours truly,
an alien in hiding


JoanC said...

i read! :p oh, thats so fun being in psych posted. wish i could do that too. :D

Joshua Wright said...

this is just too weird!

A few years ago, going through my music folder, I realized that I had written a piece of music on June 25 for five or so consecutive years. So it's not that weird. :d

Nice to see you, again, Rachel. :)

★rcal★ said...

Nice to be back, Joshua :)
That's too much of a coincidence to write something every year on the same date, no? Makes me wonder sometimes if we subconsciously do it.