Tuesday, November 30, 2010

old things

'Can you hear me?', I ask
A slight frown mars your smooth forehead
You see my lips move
Yet no sound registers
I gaze at you, silently willing for you to say my name.
But I'm forced to look away.
It hurts.
Your guarded expression tells me what I stubbornly refuse to accept.
You don't remember me. I've lost you.
My eyes feel hot, like I'm about to cry


found this little thing in my drafts.
wrote it ages ago
i wonder why.


Joshua said...

wrote it ages ago
i wonder why.

Haha. I've did that once before. I know why I wrote it, though. However, I still don't remember writing it. :P

★rcal★ said...

Haha I have absolutely no memory of writing this at all. Like nada, zilch. It was dated Feb 2009.

Joshua said...

Haha. It's kind of fun that way, though, isn't it?