Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If you were DNA, I wish I were helicase so I could unzip your genes

haha geddit?
gosh I found so many cute jokes/one-liners online.
they're so so so so ki-utttt

Okay, lemme tell you some of my favourites.

1. If you were DNA, I wish I were helicase (an enzyme) so I could unzip your genes
2. Baby, I wish I was your derivative to I could lie tangent to your curves
3. What did boy octopus say to girl octopus?
Can I hold your hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand?
4. Why don't you undress in front of a pokemon?
Because they'll PIKACHUUUUUUU

Longer ones...

Two snakes were slithering through a field.

One snake turned to the other and asked, "Do you suppose we are poisonous?"

"I don't know", replied the other, "Why?"

"Well", said the first, "I just bit my lip"

An old man was sitting on a bench in the mall when a young man with spiked hair came and sat down beside him.

The boy's hair was yellow and green with orange and purple streaks. He had black makeup around his eyes. The old man just stared intensely at him for several minutes.

The boy, becoming agitated with the old man's gaze, said "What's the matter, old man. Haven't you ever done anything wild in your life?"

The old man answered. "Well, yes, actually I have. Once I got very drunk and had sex with a parrot. I'm just sitting here wondering if you are my son."

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Joshua said...

Heh. I've heard that last one, before. :p

I have a hammock in my room.

That wasn't a joke, though. :d