Monday, January 11, 2010

my stomach says hi to Mr. Hydrochloric Acid

I've been torturing myself.

Everything looks SO good.

and my salivary glands are in a highly active state, all 6 of them.
Or in simpler terms....

I'm salivating like a blood-thirsty vampire who's about to sink his teeth into his innocent victim.
Only I'm not a vampire. Neither am I a male. Heehee

I hope there'll be lots and lots of food tomorrow
Ipoh food beware!

hmm this post feels so disjointed i guess that can be attributed to my growling stomach


Chinway said...

crazy ah rachel? hungry go eat la..... wet ur appetite :D

gain weight d just jump on the treadmill i saw at your house to keep fit!


帳號 said...