Friday, April 3, 2009

sorry sorry

I officially declare that walking back from uni is hazardous for my health.
And I need a walking stick. Or crutches. Or even better, a wheelchair!

I was walking. Fell down. Sprained my ankle. Died.
So now I'm typing this while I'm in the morgue waiting for my coffin to arrive.
It's quite nice here actually.
Quiet and peaceful.
If you ignore my neighbour who is fussing about the maggots in his eyes of course.
He says he's been in the morgue for a week now and no one has come to pick him up.
Poor guy. Some identification problem apparently.

Sigh. Not too many cute dead guys around here.
But come to think of it, not too many cute guys period.
Ah least the people here are friendly.

Gotta go now.
The mortician is coming back from his toilet break.


Joshua said...

Maggots in his eyes? You sure you're in a morgue? They're supposed to keep those things cleaner than that.

So, do you think the mortician washed his hands BEFORE he used the bathroom? :P Hahaha.

★rcal★ said...

ew. disturbing thought. i wouldn't wanna know