Saturday, March 14, 2009

walk on

I'm feeling optimistic tonight.


So today I learned CPR.
And how to un-choke someone.
Was kinda nervous in the beginning but I got the hang of it later on..
Just hope I won't have to actually apply this in real life.


Followed Serene, my coursemate/cousin's friend to CHC.
We missed worship though, the best part =(
Had dinner and celebrated David's extremely belated birthday


OH I almost forgot the most important thing I wanted to say...
I met the guy version of Jenny, Joan
I mean, he REALLY looks like her except manlier and stuff IMO
Aiyoh, every time I see him I think of Jenny haha!
But that's not the best part!!

Guess his name.

He has the same name as her bro XD

Sigh miss you guys.
Kinda wish we could relive high school.


Joshua said...

Mom got to practice the Heimlich maneuver on me, before. I unintentionally swallowed a piece of ice I was sucking on, and it decided to park just above my trachea. Haha. Obviously, the operation was a success. Mom said it was actually the first time she had done it. :D

★rcal★ said...

oh wow, can i practice on you? XD

Joshua said...

I'm sure I'd oblige you if I was choking on something (I wouldn't be asking, but I'd probably make this terribly silly looking face and gagging noise, followed by wild pointing--at least, that's how I explained the fact that I was chocking, before). Don't think I'd care to try it dry, though. :P